The Day I Thought It Was Thursday

All I am is a man
I want the world in my hands
I hate the beach
But I stand in California with my toes in the sand

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

I woke up with scraped knuckles in the haze of a blackout hangover. How did I get home? I still had on the wristband from Ace of Spades. I’d been functional enough to get out of my clothes before passing out. When did we leave the show? I couldn’t even remember riding home, until I saw the Astronautalis album on the dining room table and remembered how much of a pain in the ass it had been riding a bike with a record in one hand. Did I throw up last night? I vaguely remembered throwing up. When did I scratch up my knuckles? Did I crash my bike?

It was weird not being able to answer any of these questions. Iven was off at work, so I had to try and piece together the details on my own. There were no details. I don’t even remember if the headlining band made it on stage before we left. Why’d we leave so early?

Last night also confirmed that yes, my ex-girlfriend still lives in Sacramento. She was at the show. We said a few words and then she went off with her friend. When you break up with someone and cease communication with them, you can’t help but wonder now and then where they ended up.

Now it’s Wednesday, not Thursday like I thought it was.

I went to Temple Coffee to try and meet this fellow named Todd that might have some freelance proofreading work for me to do with him. Not sure of all the details. Anyway, I edited a piece he sent me. Seems like it could be a legit gig. His e-mail asked to meet on Thursday and, thinking it was Thursday, I walked over there to meet him and obviously had no luck in that department. However, I found out that Zoe just got a job there. She’s an old character from Old Soul, so it was neat to reunite and catch up. That wouldn’t have happened if I had my days straight.

Things are good. Feeling pretty good about things.

Sometimes I worry too much about school. Sometimes it really sucks not having Jenny here. Sometimes I get paranoid about money. Sometimes I really miss Istanbul. Sometimes I’ll suddenly wonder if I’m on the wrong path. Sometimes I forget to smell the roses.

But when I sit and think about my life, I’m happy with it.

Now I just gotta see about getting a mattress.


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