The Day After The Weekend With Rob

This vessel’s underway
Secure the rigging, we’re headed south
Tack the sails, man the posts
We’re headed south into the wind

“AFK” by Pinback

The honest truth is that things have been moving very quickly. But not in a bad way. I’m grateful for this house, for living with Iven, for the friends who have welcomed me back with open arms, and for the weather. Grad school, so far, is not the migraine it might turn into in the coming months. Things are just… Settling.

It’s strange. Delayed culture shock.

I miss Jenny a lot. I’m looking forward to less long-distance in our relationship.

I miss the laissez faire life of studying abroad. I miss not feeling guilty about not having a job.

Things are coming together. My world is slowly taking a path. I’ve got a tutoring gig lined up (going to meet the student on Friday). I’ve sent my teacher interview questions out for responses (part of a 215C project). I’m pretty much staying up with all the readings. I got a bike lock.

Rob came to visit this weekend. Our first official overnight house guest.

Despite some losses, I think I’m still the reigning backgammon champion.

This weekend I take a trip up to Truckee with my family. I think some nature will be nice.

A breather from the bustle.


One thought on “The Day After The Weekend With Rob

  1. pithyfish says:

    I can’t wait to join you and resume a no-distance relationship yet again. 🙂

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