the day of the job interview

So, bless my heart and bless yours too.
I don’t know where I’m gonna go
Don’t what what I’m gonna do.

“Hold On” – Alabama Shakes

Had an interview today for an Instructional Aide position, which is a bit misleading because “aide” implies giving assistance, whereas the actual position puts you in charge of a class of your own. Just you. I’m certainly okay with that, but I think they ought to rephrase their job titles.

Getting out to South Sacramento wasn’t too hard. I grabbed the 68 from the stop in front of Suzie Burger and it dropped me off about forty minutes later on Steiner, which was only a ten minute walk from Sacramento Unified School District’s main HQ.

I was early so I sought a liquor store and downed a blue Gatorade with a cheap pastry for breakfast, then read some of my book in the shade.

Waiting for the interview inside, I filled out this secondary form. Answered a couple questions about myself. Why would I be a good teacher? What special skills do I have? Would I be able to be a substitute?

The question that stalled me was: Who is your main inspiration or role model, and why?

I gave it some thought, then wrote: “Andy Dufresne from ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ Even though he was wrongfully convicted, he continued to pursue his dreams.”

Regarding the actual interview, it was held by a panel of various administrative figures from schools throughout the district. Nice people. Good handshakes. They each asked me a question or two. How would I handle a confrontation with a parent? How would I teach kids the rules of a new game? What methods would I bring to a classroom? For the most part I thought I answered well, giving honest responses with some examples from my previous experience.

In the end, I had to bring up the timing conflicts. Probably this is my fault, since the job title in full was “Instructional Aide for After School Program.” I should’ve known this would come up.

Since I’m in class at Sac State from about 3 – 6 most days, I’m basically unavailable for the position, which sucks. I think everything was pretty cherry until we got to that part. Luckily one guy had a suggestion for another position I might fit into, but we’ll see.

Basically, I’ll be lucky to hear back from them.

More importantly, the irony of going to college to become a teacher while not having time to gain experience teaching because you’re at school is a bit baffling.

I’m sure there’s something else out there.

– chrispresso –


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One thought on “the day of the job interview

  1. pithyfish says:

    Hey, good for you for going out and doing the interview though. It sounds like it was a good experience. Maybe that other job that the guy suggested will come through, it sounds like they liked you. You’ll find something for sure.

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