the day i moved in

It matters where you are
As the sun hits, she’ll be waiting
With her cool things and her heaven
Hey hey lover you still burn me

“When the Sun Hits” – Slowdive

We open on a bedroom floor, standard sandy brown carpet. On the floor along one wall are various piles of clothes, trinkets from travels abroad, a camera and headphones. Along the other wall, a fold-out mat with a blanket and a pillow, upon which I sit, Chris, wearing khaki shorts and a Lion King t-shirt. The whole apartment is pretty much empty. Some decorations. A chair. A bottle of tequila in the kitchen.

This is Day One.

Living in Sacramento is familiar and comforting. I feel like I’ve been gone for more than seven and a half months, yet at the same time it feels like no time has passed at all. Here I am again. New keys, new address, new madness.

There’s a park across the street.

We’re two blocks from a corner market, one block from a hamburger joint, a half-block from a lousy Mexican food restaurant, a block from Ink, two blocks from Monkey Bar, and not more than five minutes from my favorite bar/venue, Harlow’s.

The apartment walls are mint green. Most of the place has hardwood floors. Ceiling fans. Antiquated charm. A claw-foot bathtub. In the backyard, the collected trinkets of previous and current tenants, a hammock and a bench and a nice little yard. The front porch is frequented by the tenants, who are friendly and easy-going and may or may not all work for the State. The currency of the house is beer. We might chip in for the wireless internet (which I’m already using) with a six pack every month.

I’ve gotten hooked up to PG&E.

SMUD is “receiving such a high volume of calls” that the automated voice asked me to call back later. By later I think they mean tomorrow.

I’ve got school at 4:30 and this’ll be my first time commuting from this address. Not a bad commute at all, just a quick walk to J street and a bus ride across East Sac. Then I’ll be coming back here, to my new home, my new shell. Iven should be coming down around that time, too, and he’ll have some stuff to drop off. I’m hoping he brings a TV.

Our landlord is awesome. Our location is prime. The weather is fantastic.

Jenny comes home in two months.

Here’s to old friends, new friends, new things, and familiar haunts.

– Chrispresso

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